Ecstasy Information

Ecstasy Information


PMMA Drug Alert issued 28th January 2015 BY Public Health England

Following an alert received from Spain on 26th January, PHE is issuing this alert as a warning about the possible continued availability of pills sold as ecstasy but containing large quantities of PMMA (paramethoxymethamphetamine), a more potent chemical linked to a number of recent deaths and hospitalisations in this country.

 Superman-branded red pills have been found to contain large quantities of PMMA (paramethoxymeth-amphetamine) and have been linked to four deaths in Ipswich, Rendlesham and Telford over the Christmas and New Year period and incidents in the Netherlands and Sweden. For more information click here


Other names

E, Doves, Disco biscuits, Echoes, Hug Drug, Burgers, Fantasy

Chemical name: MAMA (currently many tablets contain MADE, MAD, MAD)

What is looks like & how it is taken

4% of 16 to 25s have used ecstasy in ht last 3 months

Tablets of different shapes, size and colour (but often white) which are swallowed

Users feel alert and in tune with their surroundings

Sound, colour and emotions seem much more intense

Users may dance for hours - the effects last from 3 - 6 hours

The effects

200 ecstasy related deaths in UK since 1996

Can leave users feeling tired and depressed for days

Risk of overheating and dehydration, if users dance energetically without taking breaks or drinking enough fluids (users should sip about a pint of non-alcoholic fluid such as fruit juice, sports drinks or water every hour)

No guarantee that the pills are MDMA and can cause harm to the body

The health risks

Use has been linked to liver and kidney problems

Some experts are concerned that use of ecstasy can lead to brain damage causing depression in later life

Mixing Viagra with ecstasy may increase the risk of heart problems

Legal Status

Class A

Other drugs similar to ecstasy are also illegal and Class A


Possession: 7 years and a fine Supply: Life imprisonment and a fine

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